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Best Places in Australia to celebrate NYE 2020

Sydney’s most spectacular NYE celebration that happens every year is one of the biggest in the world. Australian Cruise Group, Sydney’s premier cruise operator, presents you four extraordinary New Year’s Eve cruises that are the ultimate vantage points offering the best NYE experience. Choose any of our New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour to ring in the new year in style.

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Why choose a New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney for NYE 2020

A New Year’s Eve well-spent in Sydney is definitely an experience worth the lifetime. Surrounded by a vibrant pool of lights and colours, you’ll feel elated to begin the new year on such a bright and pleasant note. The Sydney Harbour has always been one of the prime vantage points to watch the iconic NYE fireworks and you may board a special New Year’s Eve cruise to get the most picturesque sights and more.

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History of Sydney’s World-Famous New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The mention of New Year’s Eve in Sydney brings one word to your mind in an instance – Fireworks! Ever wondered where it all began and how it turned world famous? Here’s how: All modern-day celebrations and rituals mostly originate from traditional ones. Similar is the history of Sydney New Year’s Eve & its world-famous […]

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Reasons to Celebrate The New Year In The Sunny City Of Sydney

A wintry New Year’s Eve celebration… sounds too boring and old-school? Here are some reasons to go for a summery New Year’s Eve celebration in Sydney instead: 1. Grab your chance to take part in one of the most renowned New Year celebrations in the world. With its spectacular harbour, distinctive ‘coathanger style’ bridge and […]

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New year, New beginnings- Thoughts during my New Year’s Eve Dinner in Sydney

Sydney is the ideal place to catch a New Year Dinner and Fireworks display. With the welcoming locals and the picturesque vistas, surround yourself with the positivity you need to usher in 2020.

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