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Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Fun Ways to Watch it

Every year Sydney welcomes the new year with the iconic midnight fireworks on Sydney Harbour. From the special new year's eve cruises in Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House to the countless other vantage points bedecked in a festive mood, Sydney Harbour assumes a feisty-good character on every new year’s eve. Every year, millions of people gather on the harbour to get a glimpse of the iconic Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks, more so on board the luxury cruises on the Harbour as they offer the best views of the Harbour and its surrounds. However, this year too, we may not expect a huge turnout like the yester-years as the situations are still uncertain. But let’s hope to welcome another year in a grand way.

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Sydney New Year Fireworks | Where and How to Watch it?

The spectacular New Year’s Eve fun in Sydney is a must-do attraction that is sure to impress you. Deemed to be the world’s third largest New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Sydney NYE is a truly mesmerising event that happens at the heart of the city—at Sydney Harbour. Australian Cruise Group, Sydney’s premier cruise operator is proud to present you a range of luxury cruises that offer beautiful venues where you can ring in the new year in style. Our most distinguished New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney are the Clearview Cruises, Sydney Showboats and Magistic Cruises.

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New Year’s Eve Sydney 2021 | Where and How to Book the Best Venues

The world is still fighting a raging pandemic and certainly one of the things that keeps us going is the hope of tomorrow. Last year, when most of the celebrations were scrapped and there was little or nothing to cheer us up, we kept wondering when the day would come when we can all be free from the most literal and nonliteral shackles around us. Now, as the days seem brighter ahead, we might as well start planning for the big events in the city.

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Spectacular New Year’s Eve Experience Onboard a Luxury Cruise in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations in the world for many reasons. The iconic Fireworks and other festivities on Sydney Harbour. Over a million people visit the Harbour on the last day of the year to witness the scintillating views and occupy the numerous vantage points in the harbour precincts. One of the most celebrated New Year’s Eve destinations in Sydney is none other than the popular New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour.

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Spectacular New Year’s Eve Cruises In Sydney

As you await another new year’s eve, we have our fingers crossed for what lies ahead of us! The world has been going through a lot of distress caused by the pandemic and we look forward to a time when we can walk freely out onto the streets. In Sydney, the upcoming new year’s eve celebrations will be looked upon as an opportunity to welcome the new normal. If you’re planning to celebrate the event with your loved ones, then come join us on board one of our New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney to ring in the new year with a bang!

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