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Sydney New Year’s Eve Cruises | Why They’re the Best

Sydney New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual events that happen over at Sydney Harbour.  Sydney, being one of the world’s few cities to see the first dawn of the New Year, makes it an oft-talked about destinations in the world. The spectacular fireworks are watched by over a million people from various vantage points in and around the harbour and another one billion people on TV across the globe. When considering the vantage points for the popular fireworks show, there are plenty of options for you. However, one of the most top-rated destinations in the harbour region is the nye cruises in Sydney. Wonder why? Read on to know why booking a New Year’s Eve cruise is a great idea to have the best party experience. 

Food, Drinks and Entertainment 

One of the first few things you might look for in a good New Year’s Eve destination are the ambience, dining options, drinks and entertainment. On board a New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney, we offer a value-for-money experience that combines dining and entertainment in a sophisticated ambience. All our cruises have restaurant-style individual reserved tables with friendly waiting staff to take care of all your needs whilst on board. We offer a special New Year’s Eve dinner menu on board our cruises and they’re freshly prepared by our experienced chefs. The cruise package also includes drinks and beverages served from our fully licensed bars on board. While our Showboat and Clearview New Year’s Eve cruises offer a deluxe 5-course seated and served menu, the Magistic catamaran provides a deluxe seafood buffet dinner cruise. Most vantage points in the city allow BYO or offer a catered menu. However, there are only a few vantage points that offer the best of all and you’ll definitely find our cruises on the list. 

Spectacular Views of the Fireworks

The Sydney NYE fireworks is one of the world’s biggest and if you’re in the city during the New Year’s Eve, this one’s definitely something you ought not miss! The fireworks show is massive and it takes months of planning and many barges filled to the brim with pyrotechnic equipment. The fireworks are then detonated from both sides of the Coathanger Bridge, which becomes the centrepiece of the festivities. The New Year’s Eve cruises offer spectacular ringside views of the lights and colours from an exclusion zone that is assigned by the NSW Maritime. 

No Overcrowding 

One of the few important things to be aware of while attending the Sydney NYE is the huge crowds. Considering how we are still affected by the pandemic, overcrowding is a big ‘NO’ whatever kind of celebration we are looking forward to. In this case, our cruises are a perfect option to outsmart the crowds and have a splendid time on board. All our cruises run on a minimum capacity of guests, meaning there will be ample space on board for you and other passengers to have a relaxing experience altogether. 

Make New Friends 

There is no better occasion than New Year’s Eve to mend your relationships or, perhaps, start a new friendship. Make this NYE in Sydney extra memorable by inviting new people into your life. Wondering how that may be? Getting on board a New Year’s Eve cruise is a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle in a splendorous ambience. With great food, drinks, views and more, it’s an irresistible offer indeed. Book your seats on one of our cruises right away to ring in 2022 in style along with your new friends. Don’t think twice mates! Book your seats today! 

Wishing you a prosperous New Year 2022 in advance!

Posted on December 13, 2021
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise