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Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour

There are two kinds of people in this world; the ones who worry about surviving an apocalypse on New Year’s Eve and the others who barely notice civilization being destroyed by an overdose of parties.

But, one question that always puzzles the wearer of a New Year party hat is: Where should I spend New Year’s Eve this time? Well, it’s like the chicken and egg paradox – there is never a right answer. It’s a tough job, to be frank, as there are a host of options available in every nook and corner of the globe. But, we’re here to make the task easier for you by giving you a glimpse into the delights of the perfect New Year’s Eve destination – Sydney! Words cannot describe the brilliance of this magnificent city and five reasons why Sydney is the place to be when you usher in 2015.

Sydney’s New Year fireworks is considered to be one of the most spectacular displays in the world. You can pick your vantage point to witness this dazzling display of fireworks as they explode into the night sky from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, barges and numerous city buildings. This glittery spectacle is a sight you definitely don’t want to miss.

Best Fireworks Display on New Year Eve’s

Legendary Australian Actor, Jack Thompson has been named the Creative Ambassador for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations 2014. With the reins of creativity in his hands, it’s going to be interesting to see the wonders they work with this year’s theme – ‘Inspire’. But, one thing’s for sure: There’s going to be enough pyrotechnics in the sky to quench the thirst of over 2.6 million people from across the globe, gathered in Sydney to witness this extravaganza.

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Hai Linh Truong

So, with the best creative minds at work, Sydney promises to usher in the New Year with an unforgettable evening of festivities and fireworks. Be part of it, don’t miss it!

Three hours before the New Year kicks off, there is a special fireworks display for families who find it easier to stay home when the clock strikes midnight.

Sydney celebrates the New Year during the peak of summer, unlike other popular destinations in the world. So, it’s no wonder that this vibrant city attracts a wide range of visitors including tourists, party hoppers as well as families with children.

Beyond Perfect Experience

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Rob Chandler

The night sky bursts into a colourful canvas with spectacular fireworks. With music blaring and champagne flowing, you will no doubt feel yourself moving to the rhythm of the night, shedding all the trappings of a robotic work routine!

With picture-perfect skies and great weather, New Year’s eve at the harbour will give you all the entertainment you could possibly dream of. Mind-boggling water displays and air shows kick start the celebrations that build up to a fabulous climax when the clock strikes midnight.

Spend a delightful evening onboard the Harbour Light Parade Cruise Liners , the pride of the Sydney Harbour, as they offer the best vantage point to witness the dazzling fireworks. Magical Disney movies would fade in comparison to the fantastic view that these cruise liners offer.

Harbour of Light Parade Vessels

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The spacious decks, lavish décor and courteous staff lure you into a different world and the world as you know it becomes a distant memory. So, bid farewell to 2014 and welcome 2015 with scrumptious food, good wine, great music and fantastic shows. This exhilarating experience will help you take on the New Year with confidence!

Spectacular air displays above Sydney Harbour

If you thought that the Sydney skies would only play host to its legendary fireworks, think again. Apart from painting the skies with some heart-warming pyrotechnics, Sydney puts up a fantastic air show, with jaw-dropping stunts that have always bedazzled spectators.

Last year, it was the well-known female British team that stole the night with their astounding performance,silencing everybody who did not believe women could pull off these ariel stunts.This year promises a whole lot more variety and excitement, so, don’t miss it!

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Sydney’s iconic Coat hanger replicates a chameleon on New Year’s Eve when it displays myriad images that bring out the theme of the celebrations.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect

Treat yourself to the visually stunning New Year celebrations from any of the vantage points near Sydney Harbour or tune in to the television broadcast or choose the perfect venue on New Year’s Eve – the Fireworks Cruise.

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Geee Kay

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Sydney for the New Year’s Eve party to be a part of an incredible celebration along with millions of people from all over the world. After all, billions can’t be wrong at the same time. Every individual who visits Sydney on during the build up to the New Year will have a story to share, a story that would ‘inspire’ a million of people. Is it going to be you who has a Sydney-inspired story to share?

Posted on September 17, 2014
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise