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Sydney New Year’s Eve Cruises | Why They’re the Best

Sydney New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual events that happen over at Sydney Harbour. Sydney, being one of the world’s few cities to see the first dawn of the New Year, makes it an oft-talked about destinations in the world. The spectacular fireworks are watched by over a million people from various vantage points in and around the harbour and another one billion people on TV across the globe. When considering the vantage points for the popular fireworks show, there are plenty of options for you. However, one of the most top-rated destinations in the harbour region is the nye cruises in Sydney. Wonder why? Read on to know why booking a New Year’s Eve cruise is a great idea to have the best party experience.

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Here’s How to Ensure a Memorable New Year’s Eve 2021 in Sydney

Sydney is very well known for its easygoing and vibrant lifestyle. In the past two years, however, life has been dull due to the pandemic that has taken a toll on all of us. But that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating the seasons and festivals in whatever humble ways possible. This year, as situations look better, we eagerly wait for the summer season to celebrate the much-awaited events culminating with the ever-popular Sydney New Year’s Eve. To have a memorable last day of the year, our New Year’s Eve dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour are a perfect choice. Here’s how you can ensure you have a great time with us.

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Ring in 2022 in Style With New Year’s Eve Cruises on Sydney Harbour

With a footfall of over a million people from around the world, Sydney Harbour is one of the most popular locations to ring in the New Year. For uninterrupted views of the annual fireworks extravaganza, pre-booking your NYE plans is the wisest option. Sydney Harbour being at the heart of all festivities, attracts swarms of crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the fireworks display. Bypass the congested shore-fronts and enjoy a premium location on board a New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney. In 2021, however, there will be strict restrictions in place due to the pandemic. You can still opt for a New Year’ Eve cruise as it offers a guaranteed safe space for celebration.

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Sail Smooth into New Year 2022 with Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruises

The best places to view New Year’s Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour may be too crowded for you to enjoy the sights. Go on a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve cruise and get the best of both worlds: enjoy the sights and indulge in a delicious meal while you’re at it, on cruises that are a minimum of 6 hours long! Every year, the fireworks explode off the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, its catwalk and the roadway. The Opera House, the nearby city buildings and up to seven barges evenly divided on each side of the bridge also contribute to the marvellous pyrotechnics. The fireworks are usually synchronised to a soundtrack of popular music from different ages.

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Fun Activities in Sydney To Look Forward to in Summer 2021

Summers in Sydney differ from everywhere else… Do you know the reason? Sydney summers bring with it Christmas & New Year celebrations. Offering all the more to anticipate for all Sydneysiders, summers in the Southern hemisphere tell a different story of sun, sea and sand in stark contrast to that of snow and snowmen all around the globe.

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