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New Years Eve Sydney - FAQ's

How to find a hotel for New Years in Sydney-

New Year’s Eve in Sydney is during the peak tourist season, so you have to make hotel bookings well in advance or you may find yourself in a small place in a nondescript part of Sydney! Top hotels that overlook Sydney Harbour affording premium views of all the NYE activities and fireworks are Park Hyatt, Shangri La, The Macleay, The Four Seasons, Pier One, Intercontinental, Pullman Quay Grand and Sir Stamford. Make your reservations online at the earliest for a fantastic Sydney New Year’s Eve experience!

How to book New Year’s Eve cruise in Sydney+

There are numerous NYE cruise operators on Sydney Harbour. Check online and make an informed decision by comparing costs and inclusions and if they suit your budget. To avail early bird offers and discounts, your best option would be to make an online reservation. If you know you’re going to be spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney, then you’d better make a booking at the earliest before your options narrow down to the few cruise operators who have seats remaining.

How to see fireworks in Sydney on New Year’s Eve+

The Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks are best seen and experienced aboard a NYE cruise on Sydney Harbour. Most of these cruising vessels will be positioned in the exclusion zone on Sydney Harbour and their expansive outer decks serve as perfect viewing galleries for the spectacular NYE fireworks.

Your other option, albeit a more crowded one, would be to head to one of the prime vantage points on Sydney Harbour early enough so you can save a spot for yourself and friends to enjoy the great views of the fireworks.

How much does a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise cost+

The cost of an NYE fireworks cruise depends primarily on the type of vessel, food, beverage and entertainment inclusions, and of course, the luxury factor! But you can expect anything between $500 and $1200!

How to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Sydney+

New Year’s Eve is best enjoyed and celebrated at Sydney Harbour, the epicentre of all NYE activities. Your best options would be a Sydney Harbour fireworks cruise for a comprehensive Sydney New Year’s Eve experience. Also, Darling Harbour is party central in the evening, or you could go to any one of the roof-top parties overlooking the harbour. If you’re looking for something simpler, you could head to one of the popular vantage points with family, friends, picnic basket et al.

How many fireworks on New Year’s Eve+

For 2020 New Year’s Eve, there is only one firework display in Sydney. The midnight firework display commences when the clock strikes 12, heralding the dawn of a New Year!

How can people in the UK watch Sydney Fireworks on New Year’s Eve+

People in UK, or anywhere around the globe for that matter, can watch the Sydney Fireworks on New Year’s Eve on television – an experience that will probably inspire you to experience the real deal in Sydney!

How to save a spot to watch fireworks in Sydney+

Considering the crowd on New Year’s Eve, saving a spot at a popular vantage point to see the Sydney NYE fireworks is a daunting task. Your best bet would be to decide on your vantage point and head there at the earliest to ensure you and your friends don’t have to jostle for space in the last minute!

How is New Year’s Eve celebrated in Sydney+

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a host of parties at hotels and aboard vessels cruising Sydney Harbour, not to mention spectacular harbour events that include aerial displays, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect, the Harbour of Light Parade (Yet to be confirmed for 2022, we have been a participant every year in the past) and fireworks displays.

How do I get back from Sydney CBD after New Year+

It is advisable not to take private vehicles out on New Year’s Eve in Sydney as there are road blocks, diversions and restrictions. Public transport services are very reliable with extra buses, trains, light rail and night ride buses plying at night and in the wee hours of the morning to ensure that all New Year revellers get home without a hassle. Bus, train and ferry schedules and taxi pick up points will be put up in advance, making it that much easier for you to make plans.

How many people celebrate Sydney New Year’s Eve+

Being Australia’s biggest public event, the Sydney’s NYE fireworks attract more than one and a half million people to the harbour foreshore and is watched by more than a billion people around the world.

Why are special event cruises on public holidays so expensive+

The price of the cruise is reflective of the penalty rates applicable to staff wages on all Australian public holidays. Staff are entitled to double the pay rates on all public holidays prescribed by the government. For example, the minimum rate of pay for a waiter/ess or kitchen hand on a public holiday is approximately $50+ per hour, which is reflected in the cruise price.