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Watch the ‘City of Colour’ sparkle on NYE 2015!

City of Colour – what better New Year’s Eve theme to honour Sydney’s vibrant and diverse culture, golden beaches, blue waters, green parks and red sandstone rocks and cliffs! New Year’s Eve Sydney 2015 definitely promises to be a technological extravaganza with a riot of colours defining every event.

This year’s NYE logo is a perfect representation of all that defines Sydney – a striking image that recreates Sydney’s stunning flora, fauna, landscape and culture!

As usual, the city remains tightlipped about the finer details of the NYE events, probably one of the best-guarded secrets in Sydney. But this much we know… for the first time ever, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is going to be a giant canvas of creativity on both the western and eastern sides!

All these years, people on the western side of the bridge have been denied great views of the pylon projections and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect. But thanks to new technological wizardry of sorts that has been elusive till now, the west is going to be wowed with projections on their side of the bridge pylons. At the same time, the eastern projections promise to be bigger and better than the previous years!

Though history reveals that the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks steal the show, the run up to the grand finale promises to be just as exciting! Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks has a global audience of about a billion viewers. It is Australia’s largest public event and features one of the most technologically advanced and extravagant fireworks displays in the world. 

Sydney has never been known to rest on its laurels and is always willing to go the extra mile to maintain its reputation as the best city in the world to bring in the New Year!

As well as showcasing creative content, the pylon projections will also serve as a forum for community service announcements to the public and messages from Habitat for Humanity, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve charity partner.

It’s definitely going to be an event you can look forward to… Sydney NYE 2015 will have great views and great action for everyone thronging the foreshores of the harbour, not just the previously privileged eastern foreshores!

Posted on November 05, 2015
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise