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The grandest New Year’s Eve Fireworks show

If there’s anything that Australians know to do in style, it’s bringing in a New Year. Arriving in Australia earlier than other major countries, New Year’s Eve and its celebrations are something that the Australians take very seriously. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks for the arguably most popular NYE fireworks display on the planet. Last year alone, 5.78 million dollars were spent on 8 tonnes of fireworks for the biggest-ever show staged in Sydney. Considering the fact that the entire show lasts a total of 12 minutes (honouring 12 months of the New Year), a staggering 48 thousand dollars worth of fireworks were blasted off into the sky every minute. Even so, NYE fireworks in Sydney remains to be one of the largest and most popular free events in the world. A million people watched this live last year on Sydney Harbour, a few hundred on NYE Fireworks cruises, and another estimated billion saw New Year’s Eve displays from around the globe through television and other media.

Themed ‘The Pulse Of Sydney’, NYE fireworks this year were as extravagant as ever. With tourists flocking in to the streets of Sydney, finding a good vantage point this year seemed as unachievable a dream as ever. Because of the increasing number of visitors, people have started camping on good spots to view the Sydney Harbour NYE fireworks from. Most of these vantage points are free to access, but some areas are sectioned off for ticket holders, which you have to purchase in advance. Pre-show entertainment on New Year’s Eve is also now a thing, and a host of activities are held on the Harbour before the evening’s shows to keep the visitors entertained. These festivities in previous years have ranged from aerial displays to a traditional Aboriginal eucalyptus smoking ceremony to cleanse the harbour of negative spirits.

The best venue to watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Sydney

If you wish to join the one million people visiting Sydney Harbour for New Year’s Eve Fireworks, you will have to start working towards it beforehand. All the prime vantage points usually get filled by the time you reach there, or have been ticketed by NSW. Building steadily from mid-day, the crowd on Sydney Harbour usually takes the day off for the evening’s celebrations. All harbour vintage points this year were full before 7pm.

It is therefore popular choice to go on a Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks cruise. Not only do these cruises provide good views to the night’s revelries, they also give a waterfront-restaurant level dining experience. You get a premium vantage point plus you also get to avoid overcrowded streets. These cruises are the ideal package! Ranging from vessel to vessel, the features provided may vary, so there’s always a cruise for everyone!

Posted on January 08, 2019
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise