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New year, New beginnings- Thoughts during my New Year’s Eve Dinner in Sydney

My first New Year’s Eve in Australia was a holistic experience for me. As I watched the Midnight fireworks display on board a fairly popular Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise, I reflected on the past year. Although I planned on being here in early November, visa delays pushed that a great deal. But I’m finally here on Sydney Harbour in time for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. And I’m here to stay. Shortly after I ravished a luscious Sydney-special New Year’s Eve dinner and tuned up my blood alcohol levels at an ever-so-steady pace, I watched those around me. Young and old couples, families and friends huddled up together transfixed with the display and I stood there, alone but happy.

Here’s another thing I’ve come to love about Sydney- it is a melting pot of cultures. A Spanish family seated not too far away popped a couple of grapes just before the strike of midnight. After the oh-so-famous AM celebrations, I decided to resolve my curiosity and asked them the significance behind their action. The father patiently explained that popping 12 grapes in your mouth before the strike of midnight is customarily believed to usher in prosperity. Australian New Year’s Eve celebrations are therefore influenced by a multitude of cultures and ethnicities making it all the more special. I wish the family prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead.

Watching the exploding colourful fireworks on the qui vive, Transforming the Sydney Harbour this New Year’s Eve. I whisper a silent prayer for all those who surround me, That their year ahead be just as vibrant as the fireworks we see.

All year long, for the thirty-first day of December we wait, For tomorrow, we begin with a clean slate. It’s time to celebrate new beginnings, out with the old and in with the new, Whether you’re with family and friends, or it’s just you.

Because only after the darkest hour, comes the light of dawn, You live, you make mistakes, you learn and you move on. So this year, I hope you learn from the mistakes you’ve made, Harness your darkest thoughts and overcome what makes you afraid.

Leave the negativity and pessimism, in the past, For even the bad times aren’t meant to last. Even the tough days that don’t seem to go away, In reality, will soon become yesterday.

For good things come to those who wait, Rife with possibilities and milestones to celebrate; Set on forth on this new adventure today. For health, wealth and happiness for you all I pray.

New Year. New Beginnings.

Posted on January 15, 2019
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise