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Enjoy the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks like a boss with these guidelines

The world-renowned Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks are a remarkable affair which marks the beginning of a calendar year. Regardless of whether you're catching up with your friends at a rustic café, attending a New Year's Eve occasion or on board a Sydney NYE luxury cruise, the harbour city is sure to mesmerise you with its enchanting spells.

The pyrotechnics display over the harbour skies, rule the roost of the Sydney crowd as they tilt their sight to the whims and fancies of the harbour fireworks. The fire tugs performing splendid water displays and Sydney's customary indigenous custodians showcasing their culture, play out a warm welcome ceremony.

Every year, a new theme is picked and is viewed by more than one million individuals encompassing the harbour and about one billion worldwide. The annual multi-layered firework event on Sydney Harbour is considered the most spectacular pyrotechnics show in the world. Every projecting line of illuminating strokes is synchronized to the soundtrack of well-known music from various times.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while exploring Sydney on Dec 31st and Jan 1st:

To access transports including buses, trains and ferries a prepaid Opal card is necessary. Please do go through the article to avoid the hustle and bustle of the flocking crowd.

Public Transport

With concourse of tourists and road closures, the most ideal way to get around Sydney on New Year's Eve is by public transport, but be aware of the altered timetables and routes.


On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the weekend timetable will be followed by the trains, with more services during peak times.


On December 31st, most buses will keep running on a weekday timetable, with tail-off services during the morning and additional services at night.


The private holiday timetable is applied to all ferries on New Year's Day. A harbour exclusion zone will be set up from 8pm until 12.45am, no ferries will function amid this time. The ferries leaving and entering the wharves doesn't follow any timings and is advised not to depend on the ferries after 4pm.

Alcohol Limitations

On January 1st, authorized hotels, clubs, bars and cafes can stay open until 2am. Venues effectively endorsed to work after 2am can keep on doing as such. The Sydney CBD and Kings Cross lookout will be omitted from the above restrictions.

Unfurl the curtain on Sydney New Year Eve’s Fireworks

By 9pm, a harbour-wide function celebrating the dreamtime will be followed by the illumination of Sydney Harbour as the colourful boats sail across the harbour. The fireworks will be propelled from points on Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and barges in the harbour with vantage points from Barangaroo Reserve, Darling Harbour and Observatory Hill.

Posted on October 16, 2018
by Sydney New Years Eve Cruise